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Mrs. Madhu Arora


It's a matter of immense pride and joy for me to welcome my dear students and all the other stakeholders on the official website of Govt College, Sector 9 Gurugram. Established in the year 2003, the location of the college facilitates easy and comfortable access to students from both the rural and urban parts of the district. Our college community is a distinguished centre of academic excellence that offers many courses including some very sought after professional courses. It is a vibrant inclusive institution that believes in nurturing the social diversity of our country and developing the unique talents of its students. The various clubs and student development cells in the college collectively work towards imbibing the culture of excellence, innovation and collaboration among the students. A dedicated and highly qualified team of educators strives continuously to keep the students abreast of learning using latest aids in their respective curricular field. The college is swiftly moving towards the adoption of NEP 2020 and lays great emphasis on including the Indian Knowledge Systems both in the imparting of curriculum and also the organisation of various co-curricular activities. The college believes in upholding and harbouring the traditional values of respect for education, educators and the institution as the greatest centre of learning. The college expects its students to maintain the decorum of the college, to behave in a dignified manner whether inside or outside the premises and respect the college property. At Govt College Sector 9, we nurture a concern for the environment and promote practices that would build a clean, hygienic and environmentally responsible educational institution. To this end, we have pledged to create more awareness and reduce the use of plastic in the college campus. We plan to uphold our commitment to academic excellence and strong moral ethics and prepare our students not just for a successful career but also for a significant and constructive role in the socio-political fabric of the nation. I look forward to witnessing the institution reach greater heights with our collective dedicated efforts.