2nd Alumni Meet of the College

With the joint efforts of the college administration and the former graduates, the Alumni, of Govt. College, Sector-9, Gurugram ‘ Alumni Association of Govt. College Sector-9, Gurgaon’ was established and registered with HRRS Act 2012 in accordance with the proper rules/norms. It was the occasion of the 2nd Alumni Meet, held on Sunday, 18th December, 2016 in the Seminar Hall of the College. On the occasion 76 alumni and college administratrion graced the occasion. The President of the Association Mr. Praveen Kumar threw light on the aims of the association. He said that the aim of the association is to bring all the members of this association together on one platform for the upliftment and glorification of the college by contributing in the academic and non-academic activities for the welfare of the students who are studying in the college at present. The members of the Alumni are working in different fields in different capacities and can certainly benefit the institution accordingly. On the other hand it provides every member an opportunity to meet, refresh the old memories, socialize with and work for each other’s welfare, college and society at large with the motto of selfless service. The Vice-President Dr Sanjay Mangla also addressed the meet and invited the members to share their views and experiences with one another. It was also informed that PAN Card has also been received so Bank account will be opened soon. The meet concluded on happy, joyous and inspiring note with a cultural program by the Alumni and refreshment.

Bye-Laws of Alumni Association of Govt. College, Sector-9, Gurgaon

A meeting of Office Bearers of the Alumni Association of Government College Sector 9, Gurugram was held on 05- 11-2016 at 11 am for approval of Bye-Laws of the Alumni Association in the College premises, with the Staff Members associated with Alumni affairs under the guidance of Dr. Sushma Choudhary , (Prinicipal) and Shri R. K Ahooja, (Associate Professor). List of participants were:-


Sr No.




Sh. R.K.Ahooja

Associate Professor , D/O Economics


Office Bearers of Alumni Association



Mr.Praveen Kumar



Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mangla

Vice President


Ms.Tarunlata Balyan



Ms. Komal Yadav



Ms. Savita

Executive member


Ms. Pinky Niyogi

Executive member


Mr Devender

Executive member


Mr. Satya Prakash

Honorary Member


Official Meet of Alumni Association of Govt. PG college, Sec-9 will be held on December 18, 2016 at 11am in college premises.



To: All alumni of Govt College Sector 9.

 My dear alumni

 I feel honoured to invite you all to annual general Meet which by all means will be an important milestone in college history. It will be a great privilege for all of us to assemble under the auspices of Govt College Sector 9 and share our feelings, experiences and achievements. Our College has progressed due to untiring efforts of its able administrators, dedicated faculty, high calibre students and especially you our illustrious alumni. The event will be the celebration of success and laurels of our alumni and at the same time it will also demonstrate a collective will from all of us to unite for the cause of college development and excellence in coming years.

We need to think of the means by which we can share our knowledge and resources to launch it to a enviable position. All of us must be ready to be the steps of ladder which will take the college to greater heights.

Spirit of Giving makes us feel human

Your active cooperation and dedicated support is solicited for the success of this event with your whole hearted involvement by way of your personal gracious presence and financial aid and other initiatives to strengthen the Society for strengthening research and innovation. I hope you will register yourself immediately and will help in early planning of the events.

Looking forward for your replies.

Notice is hereby given that Annual General Alumni Meet of Govt. College Sec-9 Gurgaon will be held in the Month of February 2015 date (tentative).

All the alumni are requested to submit their personal details on prescribed form given on college web portal.

Dr. Sushma Chaudhary


Govt College

Sector-9 Gurgaon






1. Name:

2. Father’s Name:

3. Date of Birth:

4. Year of Passing:

5. Course:

6. Present Occupation:

7. Designation & Name of

Organization & Address:

8. Professional Achievements (if any):

9. Contacts

(a) Mobile No.:

(b) E-Mail Id:


We have come a long way since 2003, but for us there is a long way to go, dreams to fulfil, heights to reach and responsibilities to carry out. Nothing succeeds like success. To succeed in life, one can’t be ordinary but should be extraordinary.

This is your College, and the Alumni meet would be the ideal platform to reconnect with each other as also your illustrious teachers and the fellow students. Integration is the key word here and I request all the alumni to reconnect with the College through this meet. We are proud of the magnificent achievements of our alumni and the meet will be the celebration of their long and hard yet very rewarding journey to attain excellence in their respective fields.

It is extremely satisfying to see an institution grow steadily. The hard work and dedication of the teaching as well as non teaching staff has paid its dividends. We are all striving to make this institution truly remarkable.

We certainly look forward to a meaningful contribution from all the alumni to your Alma Mater, including sharing your professional expertise with the present students, contribute to the nation building through knowledgeable, efficient and upright citizens, who have imbibed the right values during their tenure at Govt College Sector-9, Gurgaon.

I shall always look forward towards constructive contributions from the Alumni in terms of enhanced facilities for the needy students and also in helping senior students realizing their career dreams. This meet will be an appropriate platform for all Alumni to meet each other and relive their fond memories of the wonderful days, they spent in College.

I am happy to note that a large number of eminent Alumni have already consented to participate in the celebrations. We look forward to many more such opportunities, to enable the Alumni to share their success stories with us. I am sure that this Grand Meet will be a perfect start of an Annual Alumni Meet. Our students would really look forward to their seniors doing their bit and connecting with them in real sense.

I wish ‘Alumni Meet’ to be a huge success and hope to meet all of you for a meaningful interaction and exchange! Let us connect again!

We are waiting to receive you back at Govt College Sector 9

Dr Sushma Chaudhary


Govt College Sector 9




1. To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the alumni and the college.

2. To encourage the alumni to take abiding interest in the progress and development of the college.

3. To exchange the professional knowledge, organise conferences, seminars and workshops.

4. To bring all the old students of this college together to promote the brand and tradition.

5. To provide the medium of communication between college and its esteemed alumni.

6. To promote opportunities for the old students to retain associations with each other as well as the college.

7. To assist the graduates and Post graduates to find jobs and explore opportunities for higher education.

8. To invite suggestions of alumni to improve the contents of course curriculum of the college.

9. To have their feedback on raising the academic standard of the college.

10. To encourage the contributions, financial and otherwise from the alumni to assist the college in its pursuit towards achieving its aims and objectives.

11. To strengthen and support the effectiveness and activities of alumni groups of different courses at various places in India and abroad.

Cessation of the Membership:-

A member of the association shall cease to be such a member if he/she resigns from his/her membership or is of unsound mind or is convicted by a court or any offence involving moral conduct.






Govt College Sector -9 organized its Alumni Meet on April 26, 2015 in the college premises. On this occasion Dr Sushma Chaudhary welcomed the Alma Matter and shared the college journey. Number of students from 2005 batch onwards recollected their experiences of times in the campus and the memorable moments they shared with the faculty.

The meet started with a formal registration. They felt the reunion as a great time and revival for their future life. The alumni expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the faculty members and the college. They expressed their profound faith for the college and also shared their willingness in helping college students for better placements & guiding them for bright future. 

Mr Praveen Kumar IES (MAEco. 2005 batch), Deputy Director, of Finance was elected as the president of the college Alumni Association. Ms Komal( MA Eco, 2013 batch) was elected as Vice President, Mr Sanjay Mangla Asst Prof (batch 2008) was elected Secretary, Ms Savita Yadav (MAEco 2013) Joint Secretary & Mr Devender Yadav (BBA 2008 batch) Asst Manager HSBC Electronics was elected as Treausrer of the Alumni Association.

On this occasion Faculty members from all the departments were present. Dr Sushma Chaudhary congratulated the complete organizing team for arranging such a memorable function.

1Praveen KumarEconomics2005Dy.
2KomalMA (Eco)
3Sanjay kr ManglaMA(eco)2008Asstt Prof. GD
5Davender YadavBBA2008Asstt. Manager(HSBC Electronic data processing)
6Arti chauhanMsc(math)2014Ext. lect. GPG. College sec-9,
7Anju MahlaMsc(math)2014Teacher unison
8HimaniMsc(math)2014Teacher future
9Harish KumarMsc(math)2014Teacher Goel
10Pinky YadavMsc(math)
11jyoti YadavMsc(math)
13Harish GaurM.Com2013Builders Harish Naveen Pvt.
14Deepa KumariMsc(math)
15Sudhir KumarBBA2008Assistant cook medical us based,
16Davender YadavBBA2008Assistant
17Ashish SatiM.Com2013Purchase-Ex.NTT
18NirupmaMA(eco)2011Ext. lect. Govt. college
20Mukesh KumarM.Com2012self emplyed
21Jag Parvesh sainiBTM2012Mkt.
22Tanu sainiBTM2010Travel
26Ritu VermaBTM2013Senior executive
29Ajay KumarBBA2014Sales
30Dinesh KumarPGDMC2013shop keeper
31Vipin SwaroopBTM2011Deecatalyst
32Arun SwaroopBTM2014Tour
33Shivesh TiwariBTM2011Asst. Manager Sales Galaxy Tourism sec-37
34PriyankaMA(eco)2013ext. lect. Govt college Hailey
35Rohit JhaMA(eco)
39Satian SuiyaMA(eco)
40Rahul BaswalBTM2014Escort Manager Dail Trip A-25
41Pinky KumariBTM2014Sales Coordinator Mark Phillip Sales Pvt.
42Kumar Gaurv BA(H) Eco2008Emergent Mgt. Consultancy


The students who failed to attend the Alumni meet 2015 due to certain obligations can contact the office bearers through the e-mail given on the college web portal.

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