Being an educational institution, it becomes a prime aspect to inculcate academic discipline among students. Govt. College, Sector 9, Gurugram helps students to build moral values and remain self disciplined to excel in life.

List of actions taken by college authority to maintain discipline among students in the campus: 
  • Mentor - Mentee register is regularly maintained and updated.
  • The students have compulsion to wear identity card in the college campus and check for their identity card is done at the entrance i.e. main gate of the college in order to avoid indiscipline due to outsiders. 
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that befits the image and standing of the institution.
  • The student should reach college in time and attend the lecture as per the time table given to them. For this regular proctorial duties are assigned to the faculty members to ensure students are taking their classes regularly and to avoid indiscipline due to unnecessary gathering of the students.
  • The Principal of the college takes round regularly in order to ensure the discipline in the campus.
  • The college has zero tolerance towards ills that besiege student world and society, such as willful indiscipline, ragging, abuse of substance, violation of rules, ordinances and legislations; misuse of democratic rights and breach of constitutional framework.