1.When you open the Online Admissions URL, click on New Registration if you are a new user. 
You will be redirected to a NEW REGISTRATION PAGE (As shown in Image 2.). 
2. If you are already registered user, login using username and password. 
3. Fill Captcha as instructed.

Steps for registration:

1. Enter all the details asked for in the above shown registration form. 
2. * marked fields are mandatory. 
3. For students from Bhiwani Board: Most of the details will be pre fetched. 
4. Aadhaar Card Number: Enter valid 12 digit Aadhaar Card Number if you belong to Reserved category and want to apply for scholarship. 
5. Category: A new category has been introduced within the general category: EWS( Economically weaker Section). Please choose Category carefully . 
6. Type and retype the password. The password should be 6 to 12 characters/digits. 
7. Click on the Tick or Cross checkbox if you are or you aren’t a domicile of Haryana, respectively. This will affect scholarship. 
8. Once you have completely filled the form, read the text towards the end of the page. It is mandatory to accept the terms and conditions to submit the form. Click on the checkbox to accept them. 
9. Once the form is completed, Click on Register. A pop-up screen will appear