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Dr. Randhir Singh


Higher education is a significant stepping stone towards realising one's aspirations; it opens the doors of more specialised knowledge and a wider spectrum of careers, and gives the learners the opportunity to choose their mission in life. Govt. College sector 9 is dedicated to empowering young students to make their mark in every walk of life. Our College is committed to every student’s academic and professional well-being with the help of experienced and dedicated faculties and cooperative staff members. The primary emphasis of the college is on the holistic education of students by emphasizing not just on the academic excellence but also on the physical, social, ecological values and moral development. My heart goes out to the youth of the nation. In this highly competitive world, life is full of challenges. In this scenario the need is to prepare the young minds physically, intellectually and emotionally to brave these challenges. Let us join hands and commit ourselves to scaling new heights. I hope with a clear focus, tenacity and receptivity to growth and learning, our students will excel in creating an empowered nation. Feel free to share your aspirations, accomplishments and anxieties. May your dreams come true!