1. Teaching at school, college and university level.

2. Banking

3. Financial Analyst

4. Economic Journalism

5. Indian Economic Services(IES)

6. RBI Grade ‘A’ & ‘B’ Exam

7. Research

8. Competitive Exams

Career in Geography

Geography graduates find employment in diverse areas. Here are some of the popular career destinations for our geography graduates.

1. Career in Academics

2. Competitive Exams

3. Research

4. Cartographer

5. Geological Surveyor

6. Environmental Consultant

7. Climatologist

8. Weather Analyst

9. GIS Analyst

10. Land Surveyor

11. Town and Country Planner

12. Remote Sensing

13. Data Collector for Census

14. Project Officer

15. Data Analyst

16. Water Resource Analyst

17. Oceanographer

18. Visualization Analyst

19. Ecologist

20. Landscape Architect


Career in Physics

· In brief, Physics is science that tries to understand the laws of nature and relationship between energy & matter.

· At institute of Physics, we are frequently asked to help answer the questions like "what do physics graduates do when they finish their bachelor degree"?

· Physics graduates have wealth of career opportunities open to them so much so that it can get little confusing, whether you have physics degree or just thinking about studying concept of physics.

· With the bachelor degree of science Dr. in physics or engineering physics, students can pursue career in research and development engineering educations, medicines, law, business & military.

· Current students take advantage of research & internship opportunities available to help prepare them for career of their choice.

· To get different training in their interests physics, they can go to metropolitan city and with the interaction of different scientists they can solve their problems.

· Physics graduates have skills in the high demands in diverse sectors they include skill like numerical, data analysis, problem solving and different complex ideas.



Studying chemistry allow you to develop

Subject :- Specific and transperable skills which are valued by all employers.

Job Options :-

Job directly related to your degree include :-

1. Analytical chemist

2. Chemical engineer

3. Healthcare Scientist ,Clinical biochemistry

4. Forensic Scientist

5. Pharmacologist

6.  Research Scientist (Physical Science)

7. Taxicologist

8.  Chartered certified accountant

9. Environmental consultant

10.  Higher education lecturer

11. Patent attorney

12. Science writer

13. Secondary school teacher

14. Pharmacenticals Industry

15. Agrochemical Industry

16. Petro chemical industry

17. Toiletries industry

18. Plastic industry

19. Polymer industry

20. Food and drink industry

21. Health and Medical organization

22. Scientific research organization and agencies

23. Develops strong Mathematical / Numeric abiliy

24. Analysis and problem solving

25. Time management and organization

26. Written and oral communication

27. Monitering /Maintaining records and data

28. Team works

29. IT and technology

30. Applied chemistry

31. Forensic Nanotechnology

32. Forensic Investigation

33. Energy and the environment

34. Lifestyle and Recreation

35. Human health

Carrer in Hindi

1. Primary School Teacher

2. Secondary School Teacher

3. Newspaper Journalist

4. Speech Writer

5. Translator

6. Magazine Journalist


1. Career in Health Psychology as Health Psychologist

2. Career in Counselling Field as Counselling in Marriage, schools, colleges, Hospitals, Social sectors

3. Career in Industrial Field

4. Career in Military

5. Career in crime Psychology

6. Career in Academic Field

7. Career in Social sector

8. Career in Child Psychology as child specialist



1. Career in Social sector as a Social Worker

2. Career in Academics

3. Career in NGOs

4. Career in dealing with Social issues as a sociologist

5. Career in Rehabilitation Centres.


1. Teaching: at the school, college and University level.

2. Archaeologist

3. Archivist

4. Museum Curator

5. Professional Guides in the Tourism Industry

6. Documentary Editors 

7. Major subject in the General studies paper of all Govt. Services


The subject Commerce & Management is very popular for the last 04 decades among the students of higher learning due to growing demand of professional in the field of Accounting, Marketing,Finance & Teaching. The following fields for job are available for. Commerce graduates. CA ( Chartered Accountant) Company Secretary (C.S.) Cost & Works Accounting ( ICWA ) MBA,Insurance,Banking, Teaching etc. Its popularity also spread its wings in the field of Stock Market, Investment sector, Logistics, Supply Chain & Project Management etc. In this fast changing society, hardly any field of economy is left unnoticed for the growing demand of Commerce graduates.


Department Of Tourism is aDepartment Established to provide the best Travel And Tourism Management Education To The Students in the Govt College Sector-9 Gurgaunsince 2009. During this Course Tenure Students have to Undergo On The Industrial Training/ Project Reports, Which gives them Excellent Exposure Of The Industry and helps in their suitable Placement. Department Of Tourism is continuously working in the direction of academic excellence by providing students the most updated course curriculumand course material with various Courses like International Tourism, Management, Marketing, HRM, Itinerary Preparation, Tour Package Management, Soft Skills, and Communication and Personality Development for everyone. Now a days these Skills are essential for all to face the Challenging Techno-Savvy Environment.

With the recent developments in transportation and communication system, travelling,both DomesticallyAndInternationally has come to be unproblematic. This Industry is the largest Foreign Exchange Earner and it provides Employment to millions of People. Hence the Industry has anumber of Career Options to offer and the scope ofemployment is unbounded.

Exist Employment Opportunities:

Public Sectors-:

 Directorates and Department Of Tourism Of Central And State Government, Tourist Guides. Tourist Offices, Lectures and professors after doing MTM & UGC NET

Private Sectors-:

Travel Agency, Hotel/Motel/Resort/Restaurant/Catering Sector, Airlines, Cargo Company, Transport Company, Car Rental Company, Event Management Organization,Travel & Tour Companies, Museums & Art Galleries, Ecotourism, Parks, Souvenir Shops, Outbound Tour Operators, Inbound Tour Operators, Human & Resource Management.Business Operations, Tourism Marketing, Cruise Ships, Service Sectors, Flight Attendants, Etc.

After Completion Of The Course Professionals May Easily Get Salary Between 10000/- Per Month To 15000/- Per Month onan average depending On The Caliber Of The Students.


The media industry is growing at a fast pace and is predicted to do extremely well for in near future. Opportunities for the students of Journalism & Mass Communication are endless. The course helps students to achieve their career objectives in the fields of Media and Journalism. The job requires the aspirants to be skilfulenergetic and creative. The various job profiles offered to students of Mass Communication depending on their area of interest are:

§ Correspondent/Reporter (TV/Radio / Newspaper / Magazine / E-Journalism)

§ Radio Jockey (RJ)

§ Screenwriter & Script Writer

§ Radio & TV Channels

§ Editor (TV / Radio / NP / Magazine / E-Newspaper )

§ Video Editor

§ Event Manager

§ Photo Journalist

§ Central Information Service

§ Journals

§ News Agencies

§ Press Information Bureau

§ Photography Companies

§ Public Relations Officer (Govt. & Private Departments)

§ Advertising (Copy Writers / Client Servicing / Illustrators / Art Directors / Media Planners / Researchers)

§ Books and Novels

§ Blog Writers 

§ Corporate Communicator (MNC's)


 POLITICAL SCIENCE as a subject in graduation can prepare students for careers in

1. Public sectors

2. Journalism

3. IAS,NET,SET,SSC,UPSC and other competitive examinations.

4.Master in political science

5.L.L.B & L.L.M



Aspirants of the field tend to do their bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA) and then move ahead to do their Masters in the same field. BCA followed by an MBA or MCA is the common path for people interested in the field of Information Technology (IT). While BCA makes the base for a successful career in this field, MCA adds the specialised touch.

Job Opportunities

Being a growing field, there are a lot of opportunities available for a person pursuing MCA or BCA. It is advisable to take work experience after doing BCA and then enroll for MCA as scope for a good position broadens if a person has relevant work experience along with the necessary skill sets. The courses focus on making the student familiar with technical languages at the bachelor’s level and taking a specialization at the master’s level. After pursuing the necessary educational qualification a person can seek job opportunity in the field of software developer, web designer, systems management, etc.

An MCA or BCA graduate can work for any IT company big or small in various roles available. Depending on a person’s caliber there is no dearth of opportunities in this sector.

Careers in English Language

Recent boom in outsourcing jobs particularly form USA and Western European countries have thrown upon a lot of job opportunities for those, who are pursuing English language. As India was a British colony, we have adopted English as a major language in all official works. In many Indian states, English has been accepted as the second major medium of instruction in schools and colleges after regional language. In addition to this, the on-going boom in the Indian economy has further increased world mobility, which in turn, has further widened the scope for English graduates.

Job options

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

  1. Editorial assistant
  2. English as a foreign language teacher
  3. Lexicographer
  4. Magazine journalist
  5. Newspaper journalist
  6. Primary school teacher
  7. Secondary school teacher
  8. Writer

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  1. Academic librarian
  2. Advertising account executive
  3. Advertising copywriter
  4. Arts administrator
  5. Information officer
  6. Marketing executive
  7. Public relations officer
  8. Records manager

Career in Mathematics

Mathematics offers a huge variety of career opportunities.

Possible career choices:

·Accountancy & Professional Service

·Banking- Investment Banking

·Banking -Retail Banking



·Engineering Sciences

·General Management

·Operational Reasearch

·Teaching in School, Colleges and University

- Statistical Analysis