Focus Point
"Zero tolerance towards ragging." Hon'ble Supreme Court of Indianone has taken a firm stand to curb it. It has been declared a “criminal offence”. Ragging is a form of abuse of newcomers to educational institutions. Any student found guilty of participating / encouraging ragging within the premises would face the severest disciplinary action. The Director may, at his discretion, expel such students from the institute. Students are expected to cultivate the habit of understanding, sympathy and tolerance. Seniors are expected to guide the junior students to good campus life and must support them during their initial days. Instead there is a show of arrogance and supremacy over juniors. This arrogance, anger and hooliganism is not expected from the students. If such a character is carried over to professions, the society will suffer in the long run. The malaise, if not cured, may grow into a chronic incurable disease.